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Hotspur Lodge; is a modern lodge with all the comforts of home, located on the Tropic of Capricorn, in Queensland, Australia. It is a great place for the non hunter, as well as the hunter, to calmly relax while on your safari vacation.

After the day's hunt everyone can relax at the bar, the swimming pool, or our
recreational area around the barbecue, with a plentiful selection of great Australian beers and wines. Our meals are home cooked Australian meals prepared to your satisfaction.

The Lodge is air conditioned with six comfortable bedrooms, the three spacious
bathrooms have hot showers and flushing toilets. We have laundry facilities to keep your clothes fresh and clean and Internet access is also available from the lodge.

There is a large veranda around the lodge providing a breathtaking view of the
local flora, fauna, and prolific bird life of the area.

Our weather is lovely; March, April and May is our fall with day time highs averaging 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit and the night time lows a comfortable 50 degrees. June, July and August is our winter months with day time highs in the 75 - 80 degree range and the night time lows averaging 45 degrees. September, October and November is our spring time with day time highs in the 85 - 90 degree range and the night time lows averaging 55 - 60 degrees.

Hunting at Hotspur is generally spot and stalk, however for bow hunters, or any
hunter wishing to, there are tree stands and ground blind hunting available.


Northern Territory Tent Camps: Quality, comfortable luxury tent camps with queen size beds, generated electricityproviding power for lights, cooling fans, refrigerator, freezer, hot showers, and laundry facilities. Relaxing near your tent,around the barbecue, or the fire pit with a local Australian cold beer or wine is always very nice after a day's hunting. Here tooour plentiful home cooked Australian style meals are prepared to your satisfaction. Our tent camp is located on the banks of alocal river with majestic views and world class Barramundi fishing, it is a very relaxing and calming spot which is a great placefor the non hunter, as well as the hunter to relax while on a great safari vacation.

Hunting in the Northern Territory is usually done in May through September.

Generally you will hunt a spot and stalk style hunt from one of several specially outfitted 4x4 vehicles which all have a winch, satellite phone, GPS, first aid kit, and other necessary off road gear. Other activities available in the Northern Territory are; World Class Barramundi fishing, Helicopter sightseeing, Aboriginal Art and sacred relic viewing, and numerous tourist and shopping destinations at the Top End.

Our weather is very nice; In May, day time highs average 80 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the night time lows average a comfortable 65 degrees. June and July day time highs are in the 75 - 85 degree range and the night time low save rage 60 degrees. In August and September our day time highs average in the 85 - 90 degree range and the night time lows average 65 degrees.



A Member of the Northern Territory Professional Hunters Association