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Crossbow Buffalo Hunt Australia
August 10, 2013 Saw 10 Good Buffalo today while hunting with Crossbow Hunter, Aaron Bulkley. He got his first Water Buffalo Bull down today from 45 yards with a Ten Point Crossbow. This great Buffalo scored 94" and some change. Tomorrow, after more Buff and maybe a Scrub Bull or Wild Boar.
August 12, 2013 Long day of hunting near Roper River...Aaron and I stalked on 4 different herds of Water Buffalo, saw hundreds of Wild Donkey, more Wallabies than you could count... We got about 70 yards from a nice Water Buffalo Bull that sniffed us out due to a wind change, and he took off; couldn't be found. At the end of the day, just before dark, we saw two really nice Scrub Bulls, and Aaron took a 100 yard shot with his crossbow, but missed by about 8 inches due to the distance and getting dark. Better luck tomorrow
Wild Boar Hunt Australia
August 14, 2013 Aaron shot a Monster Wild Boar today...about a 50 yard stalk, then took him with my .375...this monster South Pacific Feral Boar had over 9 inch tusks...currently, he is on pace to go #7 all time SCI for South Pacific Wild Boar. Congrats Aaron!
December 12, 2013 I, Andrew Mackay, was just out on the Water Buffalo Concessions in the Northern Territory, the wet season is well started, great numbers of South Pacific Water Buffalo where seen, on one of our Concessions the Banteng numbers were very good as well, Australian Outfitters Hotspur Outback Safaris are shaping up for another awesome season in 2014. Andrew Mackay
December 15, 2014  I am back in the US gearing up for the upcoming show season and I am very excited about this coming year as we had a great year in Australia, as well as around the world with some of the other successful hunts that our clients had.  Last season I moved my buffalo hunting camp a bit to a new location that is really great, near a beautiful waterfall and in a great spot for watching the sun set after a day's hunting.  Don't forget to come check out my booth if you are at any of these conventions:  Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas booth numbers 421 & 423, and in Houston at their Safari Club show booth # 606.  Cheers, Andrew.

A Member of the Northern Territory Professional Hunters Association